Congress Organizer

Congress Organisation C. Schäfer
Tal 12
80331 Munich
Claudia Schäfer, E-Mail:
Project Management: Jennifer Haas, Phone: +49 89 – 89 06 77- 18 e-mail:

Scientific Management

Prof. Dr. med. Horst Neuhaus
Dr. med. Torsten Beyna
Protestant Hospital Düsseldorf
Kirchfeldstr. 40
40217 Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49 211 / 919 16 05, e-mail:

Congress Venue

Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf, Airport City
Maritim-Platz 1, 40474 Düsseldorf
Ansprechpartner: Jana Müller, Head of Group & Convention Management
Telefon: +49-211 – 5209-1425, E-Mail:

Congress Coordination

Nicole Balasus
Torsten Beyna
Christian Gerges
Jennis Kandler
Christoph Rüther
Markus Schneider


An exhibition of biomedical and pharmaceutical products will be presented during the symposium in the foyers in front of the plenum as well as on the gallery on the first floor. A list of exhibitors can be found hier.

FSA Code

In accordance to the FSA Code (Voluntary Self-Regulation for the Pharmaceutical Industry code) financial disclosures can be found here 

Photography / filming

No photography or filming during lectures or live demonstrations permitted. The organizers will share selected recordings, lectures and edited live demonstrations on the website. Please advise in advance should you not wish to be recorded.

Interactive discussion

Questions or comments during the sessions can be send by microphone, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter or e-mail:

Approval of employer

In accordance with the FSA Code the participant who is in salaried employment is asked to obtain permission to attend the symposium from his / her employer if necessary.

The symposium is sponsored by pharmaceutical and medical companies, although the sponsors have no influence on the content of the scientific program. Satellite symposia via industry are clearly indicated.


All participants will receive a confirmation of participation at the end of the symposium. A certification by the Ärztekammer Nordrhein will be arranged as well as an endoscopy assistance certification. No credits will be provided for the Satellite symposia on February 6 and 7, 2020.

Free Public Transport

Use of public transportation VRR (Verkehrsbund Rhein-Ruhr) on both days of the core meeting (February 5-6) will be permitted free of charge upon presentation of your name tag. This includes the regional train within the VRR, all buses, trams and metros (U- and S-Bahn). VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein- Ruhr)

You will find further information under  here.

Congress Languages

The congress languages are German and English with simultaneous translation during the entire meeting.
Furthermore, there will be simultaneous translation into Russian in the plenary hall. The Hygieneforum and the symposium for
nurses will be held in German only, the Satellite symposium on Friday morning and the Snack with the experts will be held in English only.

Name Tags

For all participants it is mandatory to wear the name tag visible.


The congress organizer will bear no liability for loss, accident, damage or injury to persons or property irrespective of the cause. The client participates at all sessions, tours and events at his / her own risk. Sole place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany. German law is applicable.

Faculty / speakers

Please note that all faculty members are obliged to disclose possible company relations at the beginning of their lecture.

Hygiene and infection protection concept

for the 23rd International Endoscopy Symposium Düsseldorf 4 – 6 February 2021

Event concept / programme
The concept was developed in cooperation with the public health department of the city of
The event is to take place as a hybrid event: As an on-site presence event with a concept for hygiene
as well as medical and organisational measures after consultation with the responsible authorities
for the German/ European participants (or all who have the possibility to travel) plus as an electronic
live streaming event for the international participants who are not allowed/ do not want to travel.

Room utilisation concept and routing of the foyers / in the exhibition:
In principle, a minimum distance of 1.5 m to other people must be maintained.
If this minimum distance is undercut, a mouth-and-nose cover must be worn, especially outside the
event rooms, in corridors and queues and in public areas.

Except at the seating area, there is an obligation to wear a mouth-and-nose protection (MNS) (§ 2(2)
and § 13(1) CoronaSchVO) in the foyers and public areas.

The exhibition area is set up in such a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 m between persons can
be maintained. A walk-through plan in one direction of the river is drawn up and indicated
accordingly. The corridors in the exhibition area are spacious. The individual exhibition stands are
separated from each other, and partition walls are installed between the exhibition stands placed
next to each other.

A minimum distance of 1.5 m and the obligation to wear an MNS applies when visiting the
information stands. Displays of magazines are permitted under strict hygiene protection. The
respective operators are responsible for compliance with the hygiene regulations at the stand. They
will be informed in advance about the rules to be observed.

Screens in the foyers: For a better distribution of participants and industry employees
there will be places screens in the foyer. The industry and participants also have the option of
following the programme from the foyers, e.g. when they take their individual breaks.

Main event room – Saal Maritim:
The ventilation systems are permanently switched from circulating air to fresh air draft.
In addition, shock ventilation is provided at regular intervals.

During the training event, the participants sit on permanently assigned seats. In accordance with §2a,
paragraph 2, a seating plan with fixed seats is drawn up which records which person has sat where.
This is kept for four weeks to enable traceability. The traceability of the individual persons can be
easily achieved by directly assigning the fixed seat to the congress registration (address, e-mail,
telephone number). At the seat, the participants are allowed to pick up the MNS.

Workshop rooms:
No fixed seating arrangements are made here. Generously proportioned row seating (but at a
distance of less than 1.5 metres) will be provided. MNS must therefore be carried and the
consumption of drinks or packed lunches is not possible in the workshop rooms. Participation in the
workshop is only possible after prior personal registration. Each participant will also be registered by
name when entering the room. This guarantees the uncomplicated traceability of all participating

Data collection and registration of participants:
Participants register online at least 14 days before the event. (21.01.2021). In accordance with § 2a
CoronaSchVO, all necessary data (personal data, address, e-mail, telephone number) are recorded
before the event when registering by e-mail according to the specifications of the Robert Koch
Institute. This data will be stored securely for 4 weeks after the event in compliance with
confidentiality requirements and then securely destroyed. All participants and speakers will receive
their documents (confirmation of payment/ name badge with imprint of the medical association
number for scanning / allocated seat number / information sheet with the hygiene rules) before the

On entering and leaving the building, access authorisation is checked and the data and thus also the
periods of stay are recorded again by scanning a personalised code which is printed on the name
badge by staff in the entrance area. The participants will be informed accordingly in advance.
All congress and industry employees will be registered in advance with all necessary data and will
receive an information sheet with the hygiene rules. The congress and industry staff will be
registered via attendance lists. Contact details are available accordingly.

General hygiene measures on site:
Where it is sensible and possible, entrances and exits to the building are defined and marked
accordingly. Wherever it is sensible, floor markings are applied to keep distances and to guide the
With the exception of the seating area (in the Saal Maritim), there is an obligation to wear an MNS (§
2 Para. 2 and § 13 Para. 1 CoronaSchVO).

Employees and participants will receive an information sheet with the hygiene rules in advance by email.
In addition, these are also displayed on a banner in the entrance area (compliance with the
coughing and sneezing label, hand hygiene and distance rules, and the ban on participation in the
event of cold symptoms).

In the entrance area, in the foyers and in the sanitary facilities, there are sufficient offers for hand
hygiene including hand disinfection facilities.

The Maritim Hotel provides sufficient cleaning staff for the toilets and public areas. Contact surfaces
such as door handles, handrails etc. are cleaned several times a day with disinfectant.
A security staff member will be on duty at every entrance to the Maritim hall. In addition, 1 security
employee will be deployed in each foyer and on Thursday and Friday afternoon 2 security employees
will be deployed on the 2nd floor. The security staff will point out the hygiene rules, ensure a safety
distance of 1.5 m in corridors and queues and will control the number of visitors in the foyers if

Breaks and catering:
Catering will be provided by the Maritim Hotel. This also guarantees compliance with the necessary
hygiene and infection protection requirements according to the currently valid Corona Protection

There will be no fixed break times for the equalisation of participants and to avoid queues at buffets
and crowds in the foyers.

The basis for the concept is the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of NRWdated 1 October 2020.

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