Enteroscopy: which technique for the individual case?

G. Haber, New York


Endotherapy of small bowel polyps and strictures

H. Yamamoto, Tochigi


Resection of ampullary tumors: indications, techniques and outcomes

G. Costamagna, Rome


Drainage for hilar obstruction: when, how and how much?

J. Devière, Brussels


Advanced or multifocal lesions in Barrett`s: What can be achieved with ablation?

R. Bisschops, Leuven


Early gastric cancer: Can the Japanese classifi cation and endotherapy be applied to the West?

Pro: N. Yahagi, Tokyo
Contra: A. Hölscher, Cologne


ESD: promising new tools and techniques

H. Yamamoto, Tochigi


New methods for closure of GI fistulae

J. Devière, Brussels